Und schon wieder sie

Liebe Freunde, heute teile ich mit euch wieder meine private Angelegenkeit.

Vor 8 Jahren ist mein erster Hund gestorben, auf die natürliche Weise. Damals war ich leider noch gegen Einschläfen. Es hat mein Herz gebrochen. 3 Tage nachher habe ich das Buch von Penelope Smith: Animals in spirit bekommen. Dieses Buch hat mir sehr geholfen. Dieses Buch hat alle meine Fragen beantwortet und meine Ängste und Bangen beseitigt. Dieses Buch hat mir geholfen, meine Sinne und mein Verstand zu behalten und hat mein Leid gelindert.

Vor 5 Jahren habe ich die Tierkommunikation gelernt. Oder eher habe ich endlich begriffen, dass ich es schon immer gemacht habe, obwohl ich es nicht gewusst habe…

Vor 5 Tagen mussten wir unseren Beny gehen lassen… Einen Tag vorher habe ich mit ihm gesprochen und habe die Sterbebegleitung mit ihm gemacht. Er war so bereit zu gehen. Die ganze „Angelegenheit“ hat nicht mal 5 Minuten gedauert.

Am gleichen Tag haben wir ihn beerdigt und als wir zurück nach Hause kamen, habe ich seine Sachen aufgeräumt. Während dessen spielte im Radio das Lied Somewhere over the rainbow (Irgendwo über dem Regenbogen) 🌈. Am nächsten Tag hat Penelope Smith diese Fragen und Antworten auf ihrer Facebookseite veröffentlicht – siehe weiter unten.

Schon wieder sie und schon wieder die gleiche Situation wie vor 8 Jahren. Ich weiß, das alles ist kein Zufall, obwohl es genau so aussieht.

Ich weiß, dass alles in Ordnung ist und genau so, wie es sein soll. 🍀🌈🌹


💐🌺 Auf dieser Stelle möchte ich mich herzlich bedanken bei Frau MVDr. Marta Kuchařova, für ihre Hilfsbereitschaft und eine wunderbare, empatische Weise und große Hilfe in der schwersten Situation.

 🙏💖 DANKE 💖

Original geschrieben am 12.01.2023

Hier noch der Beitrag kopiert von der Facebookseite von Penelope Smith, Animal Communication Specialist:

Animal Communicator, Lynn McKenzie, shared important questions and answers about animal death in a recent email:

I get asked many of the same questions because people are concerned about their animals after they’ve crossed over.

They want to know…

Are they still with me?

Do they know how much they are loved?

Did I make the right decision to assist them in crossing over (if you did)?

Will I be able to receive messages from them?

Are they okay?

Do they feel they had a good life?

Where are they?

And oftentimes can I continue to connect and communicate with them?

There are important things for you to know when your animal companions cross over, so today I want to spend some time answering a few of these questions.

Question #1: Are they still with me? They are NEVER far away and are usually right beside us, residing on a different plane or dimension. Their biggest purpose, once they have crossed over, is to show us how to connect to the spirit realm on a deeper level. They are our teachers and guides and their gift is to reconnect with us and help us awaken to all of the wisdom they have to share.

Question #2: Do they know how much they are loved? Your animal companions do KNOW how much they are loved by you. And they love you unconditionally. They read who we are at our core and how we feel. They’re tuned into our frequency like a radio. They can read our energy field, thoughts, and emotions so they ALWAYS know.

Question #3: Did I make the right decision to assist them in crossing over (if you did)? Your animal companions understand your love for them as well as your compassionate intention to lessen their suffering. They read only the intentions in your heart. Animals do not fear death, their transition to the spirit realm is like changing their clothing.

People often worry that they waited too long to assist their companions in crossing, letting them suffer more than they meant to. Or they worry that they may have euthanized too soon and that they could’ve had more time together. This is natural for our human nature but nothing an animal has ever concerned themselves with once they have transitioned.

Your animal companion appreciates your help and understands your decisions. In my 28+ years of communicating with animals after they’ve crossed over, I’ve never had an animal tell me that they were upset about being euthanized when it was done from a place of pure love.

Question #4: Will I be able to receive messages from them? Yes! Everyone has the ability to receive messages from their animal companions in spirit, even if you haven’t been able to in the past. It takes some practice to hone your skills, though. Be on the lookout for your animal companion to visit you. Once you’ve processed and cleared the bulk of your grief from their loss you’ll be ready to receive your message or sign to let you know that they are there with you. They can appear in so many ways including in your dreamtime, as a glimpse out of the corner of your eye, through a bird, in the clouds, as bugs, through a song, and so many other ways. They can impact any or all of our senses. Believe, trust, have faith, and ask them to be with you when you want to connect.

Quelle: Facebook: Penelope Smith, Animal Communication Specialist, Foto dann bearbeitet von mir.